Friday, March 6, 2009

29 weeks

You had QUITE the growth spurt, missy. In fact, my belly grew 5 inches since last month's appointment, even though I didn't grow (in pounds) at all. Look at you!
This month's appointment also featured the oh-so-fun blood glucose test. Sucking down a sticky sweet orange drink on an empty stomach, then giving three big vials of blood--fun! I felt like hot garbage afterwards so your dad took me to Cracker Barrel for fortification. I still didn't feel quite right for the rest of the day.


Skeezix said...

You are cuter than any pregant person has a right to be. BABY!

Anonymous said...

...and glowing!



Teresa said...

So cute! I used to read you when you were on dland and I'm so glad you are blogging about baby. Best wishes!