Monday, February 23, 2009

Third what?

Third trimester? What? How? How can I simultaneously feel as though I have been pregnant forever (seriously, am I an elephant?), yet at the same time feel bewildered that we're this far along in the game?

27 weeks. Your due date is exactly 3 months from today. Holy crap, I need to go organize something. Much to your father's chagrin, the nesting phase has already hit and he is having to do the brunt of the work. We're painting, moving furniture, assembling things. Notice I said "we". Isn't that adorable?

In my defense, I was quite productive this weekend. I decided that our chest freezer needed filling in preparation for the final days of massive pregnancy that await. And so, I put away 3 chicken and rice dishes, 2 lasagnas, and 2 ziplocs of beef stew this weekend. I find it calming, having a freezer full of food. I hope to have a couple more of these marathon cooking weekends in the coming weeks. It's hard to decide what to make because it's hard to predict what I'll find suitable to eat, but I must persevere.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Misery and a lesson.

This is turning out to be a Bad Week. Bad, bad, bad. Rife with a sinus infection (for which I was finally prescribed blessed antibiotics), random and shocking joint pain, insomnia, appetite issues. It's just such an altogether bad week that I don't think it will even do me any good to elaborate.

But here is a quick life lesson from old m-o-m. February, in East Tennessee, is still winter. WINTER. In winter, we do not wear flip flops, shorts, tiny sheer sundresses (maybe we never wear these, ever). Even when the temperature soars into the relatively balmy 50's and 60's, we stick to our lighter weight but still seasonally appropriate clothing. March is right around the corner, and with it the beginning of spring for real. Getting caught in 37 degree weather wearing sandals, short sleeves, and capri pants just makes you look foolish.

I'll be back this weekend with tales of assembling Ikea furniture and hopefully a return to good cheer and health.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

24 weeks.

A semi-artistic belly shot, courtesy of your father:

Note the bit of snow on the ground outside. It's been frigid here for the past few days, cold enough that the snow we got has not melted yet. This never really happens and people here are just not able to deal with this cold weather. This must be how people that live in the extreme north feel in the midst of a heat wave. While I used to be able to tolerate the cold when I lived in New York, I've totally lost my chops and find myself without even a really warm coat or a pair of decent gloves this winter.

Anyway, I had my 24-week appointment yesterday and everything went perfectly. I'm measuring 24 inches at 24 weeks, you clever thing, and in spite of continued slow weight gain (3 pounds this time for an overall total of 7 pounds for the entire pregnancy), you are growing like a champ. And moving ever more. This was a pretty breezy appointment, pee in a cup, get weighed, listen to your rockin' heartbeat, and the measuring. Next month I get to do the oh-so-fun glucose test for gestational diabetes. Exciting.

In actual exciting news, I'm headed down to the Atlanta/Athens area this weekend with my mom (your grandmother Meno) and sister (Aunt Sara Kate), to hit up Ikea and see where my baby sister (Aunt Helen) is living. We'll be getting all sorts of goodies for you, most importantly your crib. I'm already planning to take Monday off to help put things together and I'm so excited. Nothing but the finest inexpensive Swedish prefabricated furniture for you, my love.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Status updates.

Belly: Getting bigger every day, I fear. No stretch marks or dark line yet.
Hands/feet: No swelling at all yet, rings and shoes still fitting.
Hips: Achy but still able to get into regular jeans (I didn't say I could zip them more than halfway, though).
Knees: Achy and cracking/popping alarmingly.
Boobs: Wowser. Getting bigger and some light stretch marks. They feel very heavy. Down to two bras that fit comfortably.
Digestion: I can suddenly eat salad again without gastric distress, so that's nice. I'm not overdoing it, though. I've had two really unpleasant boughts of heartburn in the past week that Tums didn't touch.
Sleep: Difficult. I'm restless and can't get comfortable.
Bladder: The size of a large walnut. Peeing every half an hour, I swear.
Mood: Generally really good.
Skin: I hesitate to even tempt fate by mentioning this, but my skin is not as putrid as it was for the first, oh, five months of pregnancy. I'm down to maybe one or two new small pimples a week, versus a new painful deep zit every freaking DAY. I've switched from the million dollar Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil to the BILLION dollar Light Rose Day Cream and Toner and I think it's helping. Fingers crossed.

24 week appointment this week, and a new belly picture to come, plus nursery updates!