Monday, April 13, 2009

34 weeks

First of all, this:

Most of the nasty things people have been promising these last few weeks would bring seem to be true. The heartburn that makes me (try to) sleep sitting up, having to pee more than EVER, tiredness that stems from either the lack of sleep or increasingly unweildy body, UGH. And you show no sign of calming down, or sleeping more often, or having movements that are more gentle and rolling since you're running out of room. No, you seem hellbent on damaging my internal organs 24 hours a day.

In cuter news, I can see your feet when you stretch out across my abdomen. You can feel me when I press on these little feet, you jerk them away and then kick back out again. It's cute, even though it hurts.

Also cute? Your nursery. Oh man, this room is cute. I think it's my favorite room in the house.

I'll have to do a more complete nursery post soon, because it's seriously ridiculous in there. So bright and cheerful and fun.

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