Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tiny clothes, tiny diapers.

Dude, your room! How cute is your room? This will likely be a pretty boring entry but I really want to document some sources before I forget where I got things or what I did here. First of all, that adorable rug is from Ikea and was a complete steal. Buster loves it most of all. The Eames-knockoff rocker is from eBay and is really uncomfortable. I'll probably sell it on Craigslist but for now it looks great with an Ikea sheepskin on it.

The crib is another Ikea bargain ($99!), and I love the simplicity of it, and that it isn't a massive hunk of furniture. The artwork comes from your talented aunt Helen, who also helped me make the mobile. More on the mobile in a second. The hippo joins us from Ikea and I think I'll name her Penelope.

Dwell Target bird sheets, a family heirloom quilt (in grey, purple, and pink--how on trend are these colors on a really old quilt? very nice!), a super soft receiving blanket, and a felted "lovey" blanket.

Helen and I made the mobile--she made tons and tons of these paper flowers for an art installation. We strung the small ones on fishing wire with a bead and hung them from embroidery hoops. I love how this turned out, especially since some of the paper mobiles I was admiring were over $80!

Now I think Helen and I should go into business with these babies.

You don't have a lot of toys yet, but I have to say the stuff you have is incredible nice. Here we have a Steiff teddy bear that my dad gave me years and years ago, a knit BlahBlah doll from your great-great-Aunt Angie, and an organic cotton peapod toy. The yellow bin I already had and the toy chest is from, where else? Ikea.

Strawberry print from the ever-talented Helen.

Dwell Target glider purchased to replace uncomfortable, but very stylish, Eames shell rocker. This glider is great and seems to be really well made. Thrifted Russian table, thrifted lamp and Ikea lampshade. The quilt was a shower gift from my grandmother.

If you have to deal with poop, it might as well be a cute set-up, right? Ikea changing table. Vintage flour sack changing pad cover (I know this will get dirty immediately, I have a whole stack of them in various patterns). Diaper pail (read: trashcan) from Target with Whammies waterproof pail liner from Cutie Tooties. Baskets from Target; diapers, wipes, and other supplies from Cutie Tooties. Large pink print from Helen.

I love this collection of teeny art! "Spring" tin sign from anthropologie, Ichabod and Susannah paintings and Hawaiian "sisters" chalk drawing collected over the years. Mini woodblock art from my other talented sister Sara Kate.

Turn your nose up at cloth diapering if you must, but they are really cute.

Speaking of cute, teeny clothes! Everything for 0-3 months is organized, washed and folded.

It's satisfying to see all of this tiny cuteness in one place.

My mom brought over some clothes she save from when I was little, and this vintage hanger was in the bag. This picture isn't the best, but it has bunnies on it.

So, I decided to use one of your frocks to decorate your closet. This is from Boden by way of eBay.

AH! Someone is having a girl.

I love the way this bookshelf area turned out. Vintage bookshelves I've had forever.

I picked up some great Charley Harper stuff from Old Navy last year--board books, a coloring book, and some games. We've also been given some classics.

One of Chris' students gave us the teensy Vans, they kill me. The giraffe teether is from France (via Cutie Tooties), and the letter "L" from eBay.

Paper cut-out from Etsy.

Nashville Puppet Festival print from my friend Emily. I guess that's pretty much everything! We are waiting on the frames for two more prints to hang over the dresser, so I haven't shown that side of the room yet. But otherwise, everything is ready, we just need to add a baby!


a painter said...

Came here from your food blog. Congratulations!
Your baby will have an absolutely adorable room. Your color combination is wonderful! I love IKEA and seeing how people put rooms together. We have IKEA mixed with antiques and hand crafted furniture here and it works.
You will be glad you took these photos. After "baby arrival" all the photos will be of baby--and the room will never be this neat again.

Ashley said...

I saw your link on Mabel's House and I thought I'd com check out your nursery! Very cute! I really love that mobile!