Friday, January 9, 2009

A day.

Alarm goes off, Buster starts thumping his tail against my leg. I get up, go to the bathroom, and go into the kitchen. Start to heat up water for my tea and feed Buster. Make some raisin toast, let Buster out, and sit in front of the computer. Do my makeup and eat my breakfast while catching up on some blogs. Time to get dressed, realize that I am going to need a couple more maternity things to get through winter if it's going to be this cold.

Chris goes outside to start my car to let it heat up (awfully nice). I pack up some food to take to the office--yogurt and a banana for my second breakfast, an apple, a frozen organic mac and cheese, some string cheese, some turkey jerky. Go out to my thawed out car, realize that the gas is below empty. Crap. Stop for a quick $5 in gas and get gas on my shoe. Crap again. The sun is shining, it's been raining for weeks and it's still a surprise to have the sun in my face as I drive. The sun is watery and pale, you can really tell it's January. Still, I want to bask in it like a cat.

Arrive at work miraculously only 5 minutes late, considering the gas debacle. Throw my lunch in the freezer and turn my computer on. Contemplate my yogurt.

Check emails, do some research, send in my timesheet, wage epic war against my vintage work computer. Eat a piece of cheese. Sadly you will find that a lot of my day revolves around food, whether I'm eating enough of it, and whether it's what I should eat. This is annoying, but necessary as you seem to be taking most of the vital nutrients. As well you should! You have a lot more going on, actually.

I brought my lunch today but was convinced by my newly pregnant (and ooky feeling) friend convinced me to go out. We had crappy delicious breadsticks and spaghetti and now I am a garlic hazard. I have to really think about what I am going to eat because apparently I will be tortured into tasting and retasting it for the rest of the day. Urp.

I'm trying to be clever and it's very hard. This can sum up my workday a lot of the time.

Am done being clever! Time for some paperwork. And a snack, some apple slices.

Flee to the car, drive home. NPR has been depressing me to literal tears lately so I've been listening to This American Life. Today's episode was about "Accidental Documentaries"; old tapes found in basements, thrift stores, etc. The first act was recordings of a family in the 60's that they sent to their son in medical school. The wife seemed so sad and the dad so detached. If nothing else I am thankful that you are being born into an age where fathers can and do show emotion and are connected to their families beyond being the breadwinner.

It's a Friday, and while I generally prefer to stay in and rest these days I have plans tonight. My best friend Alison is in town from London--other than your father she was the only one lucky enough to see your latest ultrasound! We're going to a benefit so it won't be a late night.
More to come...

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Amy Corinne said...

That's a good TAL episode, though the story you mention was pretty depressing.