Thursday, January 8, 2009

Updates to the list...

1. get better at sewing
2. choose some knitting projects for winter
3. update the food blog with my favorite freezable and make-ahead meals
4. learn how to use my camera on manual
5. walk through all of the Pioneer Woman Photoshop Lessons
6. have yard sale (one week from tomorrow)
7. finish eBaying clothes, shoes, and bags
8. take loads of things we don't need and can't sell to Goodwill
9. Simplify.

Well...someone has some work to do, especially with her camera. And really, the knitting project I chose is 19 rows of a very boring baby blanket that I then discarded. It's nice yarn, too. Hmm. And considering I haven't even updated the food blog with the news of my pregnancy, that's looking pretty pathetic, too.

The good news is I've eBayed tons of clothes, bags and shoes and made a nice chunk of money while I was at it. The garage sale was a success and paid half of our couch recovering costs. And I've taken lots to Goodwill, and have more bagged up and ready to go. These efforts all go towards my goal to simplify, as well as taking some time off from writing professionally.

Really all I am thinking about is decorating the nursery, so I guess that can get added to the list!

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