Thursday, January 22, 2009


These are not the kicks I imagined. The lazy, languid nudges from a baby simply stretching out within the roomy (for now) confines of my womb. Oh no. You, my dear, are strong. You kick and punch and elbow with a force that surprises me. Everything I'm reading says you are just about one pound and the size of a doll but you have such STRENGTH.

Last night I laid in bed and felt you travel from one side to the other. Again and again. You seemed bored, even restless. I know that it's silly to attribute such complex emotions to you but I can't help but feel I've got one willfull little girl in there. With curly hair and her father's green eyes and an unusual capacity for mischief. Only time will tell but I can tell you this--it's only going to get more crowded in there until it's time for you to come out. And oh my, I can't wait to see you stretch your legs out in the world.

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