Monday, February 2, 2009

Status updates.

Belly: Getting bigger every day, I fear. No stretch marks or dark line yet.
Hands/feet: No swelling at all yet, rings and shoes still fitting.
Hips: Achy but still able to get into regular jeans (I didn't say I could zip them more than halfway, though).
Knees: Achy and cracking/popping alarmingly.
Boobs: Wowser. Getting bigger and some light stretch marks. They feel very heavy. Down to two bras that fit comfortably.
Digestion: I can suddenly eat salad again without gastric distress, so that's nice. I'm not overdoing it, though. I've had two really unpleasant boughts of heartburn in the past week that Tums didn't touch.
Sleep: Difficult. I'm restless and can't get comfortable.
Bladder: The size of a large walnut. Peeing every half an hour, I swear.
Mood: Generally really good.
Skin: I hesitate to even tempt fate by mentioning this, but my skin is not as putrid as it was for the first, oh, five months of pregnancy. I'm down to maybe one or two new small pimples a week, versus a new painful deep zit every freaking DAY. I've switched from the million dollar Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil to the BILLION dollar Light Rose Day Cream and Toner and I think it's helping. Fingers crossed.

24 week appointment this week, and a new belly picture to come, plus nursery updates!

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