Friday, September 19, 2008

In Praise of the Bella Band.

Let's see, according to the helpful weekly updates I get, the adorable bundle of cells is organizing (go union!), growing cell layers, and getting seriously cozy in Ye Olde Uterine Lining. And you are less than a millimeter long, my adorable blastocyst! Do you know how tiny a millimeter is?? Having nothing to compare it to, being a brand new thing, I guess not. It's very small. And so, you must realize how incredibly ridiculous it is that my pants are too tight. Ridiculous! At this point I am gestating a 4-month gas baby.

Enter the Bella Band, a remarkably simple yet necessary band of stretchy fabric that enables me to leave my top jeans button unbuttoned. OH GLORIOUS FREEDOM. Seriously, this is the best thing about today, the Bella Band.

Not the best thing? Bananas and their disgusting banananess and mushy texture. Gag me. Oh, and the heartburn that I had last night was MOST UNCIVILIZED. I promise to not eat frozen Chicken Tikka Masala any more, just please let me sleep.

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Emily said...

Aw! I couldn't handle bananas when I was pregnant, either. I eat them all the time now, though, since Graham goes through, like, 2 pounds a week. I am so excited for you and Chris and your little Dorito baby.