Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where are the cravings?

I know they are coming, they have to be. And for a week or two I was all about the Doritos, hence the name of this blog. But for the past week I'm lucky if I want to eat anything at all. I'm not nauseous, not yet, but yet nothing is appealing to me. I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good to eat. Last night I made a lovely dinner (halibut with slow-roasted tomatoes, a simple brown rice risotto, wilted spinach), and it was the first thing that tasted good to me in days. I inhaled it, and thank goodness I did because that piece of halibut ran me $20 and ate up a big part of my food budget for the week. It was SO good, though. I ought to write about that on the other blog, the food blog that people actually read.

But in the mean time, where is my appetite? I have noticed that I can't wait until I get to work to eat my breakfast, as I normally do. So I've been eating a bran muffin with my morning cup of tea while I get ready at home. I eat it mechanically, like it's made of sawdust, even though it's quite good--rife with raisins and molasses. Even better with a salty pat of butter. Then I come in to work and make myself eat my morning yogurt (today it was Emmi Raspberry) and a piece of fruit--a huge honeycrisp apple. Lunch is painful because usually I am ruled by what appeals to me, so today I just packed my favorite black bean and quinoa salad. Even if I have to force myself to eat it, it's tasty and extremely good for me.

I am sure that in a week or two I'll look back at this time and just laugh and laugh. I'll probably tear the face off the vending machine in order to get to the Doritos. But until then I am kind of stymied, because I am a girl who loves food. I love it! But not right now.

In other news, I slept the sleep of the dead last night. A big mug of warm milk with honey and nutmeg and half a Benadryl gave me the relief I needed. I am still tired at work but nowhere near the zombie I was yesterday.

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